Conference/Seminar Papers

Ette, A. and S. Raghavan

“Ammonical Leaching of Synthetic Delafossite (CuFeO2) with Special Reference to Copper Recovery from Reverberatory Flue Dust” Paper Presentation, AIME Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA., February, 1984.

J. B. Hiskey and A. O. Ette

“Aurocyanide Extraction with PAZ #4” Paper Presented at the AIME Annual Conference, new Orleans, Louisiana, March 1986.

Ette, A. O.

“Indigenous Technology – The Only Assured Basis for Industrial Development” Presented at the 28th Annual Conference of Science Association of Nigeria, FUTO, Owerri, April 5, 9, 1987.

Ette, A. O.

“Local Raw Materials for Nigerian Industries – Where Do We Begin?” Paper Presented at the Second National Conference on Technology Development and Nigerian Industries” University of Ilorin, Nigeria, November 4 – 6, 1987.

Ette, A. O., V. I. Umogbai, and D. U. I. Ogo.

“Applications of Local Raw Materials to Solve Fine Particulate Separation Problems in the Food and Beverage Industries in Nigeria.” Presented at the 29th Conference of Science Association of Nigeria, University of Calabar, May 1988.

Umogbai, V. I., Ette A. O.

“Injection Roller Planter Incorporated with L-Shaped Tillage Hoes for Planting Grains.” Presented at the 29th Annual Conference of SAN, University of Calabar, May 8 – n12, 1988.

D. U. I. Ogo and Ette, A. O.

“Kinetics of Selected Agricultural Wastes in Surface Hardening of Spare Parts.” Presented at the 33rd Annual Conference in SAN, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, March 22-26, 1992.

Ette, A. O.

“Itakpe Iron Ore: The Journey from Mine to Pellet.” Presented at the 33rd Annual Conference of SAN, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, March 22-26, 1991.

Ette, Aniedi O.

“Productivity Challenges for the 3rd Worlds in a global Competitive Economy.” Presented at the 3rd National Productivity Day Celebrations, Organised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Benue State, February 22, 2003.

Oseni, M. I., Ette, A. O.

“Prevention of Cement Kiln Failures: an Operator’s Perspective.” Symposium Proceedings, International Conference of Pipes and Pressure Vessels. Singapore, 1 – 2 February, 1996.

Ette, A. O., and Ogo, D. I.

“Extraction of Molybdenum with Alamine 336®: The Chemistry and Technology.” The 19th Annual National Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, 22nd – 25th September, 1996.

Ette, A. O., Oseni, M. I. and Ebeute, S. E.

“Energy Utilization in the Cement Processing Industry: The Role of Government, Industry and Consumers.” Habitat-Afrique 2000 Conference and exposition, ABU, Arewa House, Kaduna, June 28 to July 4, 1998.

Ette, A. O.

Engineering for Harnessing Mineral Resources for Sustainable Industrialization, 42nd National Engineering Conference and AGM, The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Owerri, Nigeria 7th – 11th Dec. 2009.

Facilitator: Prof. Chukwumereije Okereke

“Competencies for Effective Leadership in Higher Education”, ETL, Harvard, November 1– 3, 2016


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M.S. Thesis - 1980
Ette, Aniedi O., “Recovery of Molybdenum from Super-Alloy Scraps and Waste Products”
Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Ph.D Dissertation - 1984
Ette, Aniedi O., “Ammoniacal Leaching of Synthetic Delafossite”, with Special Reference to Its Recovery from Copper Reverbertory Flue Dust”,
Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 1983. (Granted copyright status, published by and distributed by UMI, Ann Arbor, Michigan).


Robinson, D. J. and Ette, A. O., “Separations and Recovery of Metal Alloys from Super-Alloy Scrap”, U.S. Patent No. 4,442, 073, April 10, 1984. Download

Aniedi O. Ette, Tuber Peeling Machine and Process. Registration NG/PT/NC/2013.